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Airstream Trailer Design Project

I have always been intrigued by the idea of traveling across the country, being out on the open road. Seeing all that our country has to offer. My wife will just roll her eyes, but if we ever decided to pack up on our epic road trip, I would do it in style via an Airstream trailer. Their clean smooth aluminum look just sets them apart from any other kind of trailer you see from the road. I have grown a real fondness for them over the years. When one of my clients came to me with the idea of taking an Airstream trailer and turning it into a sales office for a real estate development up the canyon in my backyard, I jumped at the chance.

First things first, I went up to Heber City to meet with the Airstream dealer who buys old Airstreams and restores them. I was able to tour the trailer my client purchased and took some measurements. These pictures make it look a bit rough, but I can’t wait to reveal the final product. This basic trailer is what we started with. Next up, I’ll draft some working drawings and coordinate with the client, the interior desinger and the dealer/restoration company facilitating this design project. Here are the before shots. Stay tuned to see what’s next.

Airstream Trailer Design Project

Airstream Trailer Design Project

Airstream Trailer Project


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